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New Stata function: vlgen

I wrote a small Stata program (Stata is statistics software, if you didn’t know), called -vlgen-, for variable and label generator.  In Stata, you can create labels for your variables to help you remember exactly what they contain.  So, you might have a variable called rfI, and to remind yourself what exactly that is, you might give it the label “rainfall in Iowa”.  Now suppose you have a model that depends on the square of rainfall (I don’t know why, but just suppose you do have such a model).  Then you might generate a variable (rfI)^2, and this variable would either have no label, or the label would probably be “(rfI)^2” depending on how you generated it.  Now, if you use -vlgen-, the label would automatically be “( rainfall in Iowa ) ^ 2”, which might be more helpful, especially if you couldn’t remember what  rfI stood for in the first place.

This function is up on SSC as of yesterday.  (SSC is a statistics program archive, mostly composed of Stata programs.)

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