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Derned books

I found out about the book Creating More Effective Graphs (Amazon.com link) today, unexpectedly, in the results of a Google search.

I’ve made a few presentations lately — some do’s and don’t’s of graphing: a mixture of expert advice and my own preferences.  In preparation for the next one, I was querying the internet mind for advice on aspect ratios.  (I found some good stuff, by the way.)  In the middle of the eighth page of results was a link to “Wiley: Creating More Effective Graphs”.

The thing is, it looks like this book covers most of what I’ve covered in my presentations, material that required a lot of work to pull together.  On the one hand, I could have saved myself a lot of work by using this book as a source.  On the other, it makes me feel like my work is less valuable, since well-precedented.  On the one hand, I had been thinking about drawing up all of my presentations’ advice into a single document, and this book makes such a document redundant.  On the other hand, the fact that the book exists suggests it was a good idea to compose such a document.

Oh well.  All of these conclusions are based on speculation, anyway, since I haven’t seen the book.  I expect I’ll attempt some kind of review once I’ve read it.  First I need to find a library to borrow it from; I’ve exceeded my book budget for the near term.

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