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Song 1, verse 2

I didn’t mean for this blog to be so focused on graphics. Oh well.

I’m still thinking about the infographic from a previous post (the infographic originally from here).  I don’t much care for the maps. All the graphs deal with conversion rates. How do these maps fit in? How does seeing the shapes of the countries help?

There’s something else. What isn’t immediately obvious, what is not explicitly shown, is that after the initial adoption of the Euro in 2001-2002 (and I think the makers of the original mean “adoption” instead of “adaptation” in the title), it was a long while before any other countries adopted the Euro. A span of nearly five years. The maps don’t really give that impression, but a timeline would.

Ok, I can think of a reason why having a map would help. It gives a rough sense of how many people begin using the Euro with each new adoption (assuming population density is roughly constant across these countries — I have no idea if that’s true). Or maybe there’s a good reason I’m not thinking of. So, with that in mind I tried a version of the timeline with gradient shading: black on the top to near-white on the bottom. Then I made a map with each country filled with whatever shade was on the timeline when that country adopted the Euro. This didn’t work out. The vast majority of the countries had near-black shades, and the rest near-white. In other words, it just looked like a two-tone map.

So, I’m going with the timeline on the right. Almost. You see, I looked at the Wikipedia site for the Euro, to confirm the adoption dates shown here. It seems that the original infographic doesn’t show all of the nations that use the Euro. Interesting. (Oh, and I forgot to verify the dates on the timeline. Oops.)  The infographic gives just the adoption dates for the 16 countries of European Union — which could maybe be inferred from the context, maybe.  In any case, it’s certainly not stated that the map only includes adoption dates for nations of the European Union.

Thus the timeline on the right needs modifying if it’s to include all countries for which the Euro is the sole currency, and here again (see the previous post) the original infographic is incomplete (by either omitting information, or not clearly stating what information is given). I will see what I can come up with for a timeline that includes all nations using the Euro as sole currency, in a couple days.

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