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The end of the timeline

I was planning to remake the timeline from the other day, but I won’t. I’m not able to track down what exactly is being shown in the maps in the original infographic. You see, according to Wikipedia, the euro was officially adopted by the first 12 nations of the EU on January 1, 1999, three years earlier than the infographic says. (It was not yet the sole currency of any of these nations, though, and euro notes and coins were not in circulation until later.)

Now, it could be that the infographic is using the date that the euro became the sole currency (officially) for each country. According to Wikipedia, for Germany this happened on December 31, 2001, which squares with the infographic’s date. However, Portugal didn’t (officially) give up its former currency until December 31, 2002, which does not square with the infographic. Thus, I’m not really sure what the dates are supposed to represent, and I’m giving up. I still think my timeline would work better for whatever these dates should be, once it’s sorted out.

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