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Problem banks, part 2

I’m not completely satisfied with the graph I made for the last post. Actaully, I like it just fine, but some could find the background too busy. So, in search of another, simpler background I made the following versions. The original, from the previous post, is the first.

If you want to see the changes sequentially, or see clearer versions, you can also flip through the graphs in this pdf.

The original is still among my favorites, but I think I now prefer either #4 or #8. The difference between #7 and #8 is #8 gives a little extra margin on the left of the line.  The difference in left and right margins seems to be a little more noticeable in ones with a gray background, and the difference between #7 and #8 is more noticeable in the pdf than it is here.  I tend to prefer the same amount of space on the left and right of the data, but in this case, since the data continues off to the left and, so far, not off to the right, I think it’s acceptable to give less space on the left.  To my eye, this gives a visual clue that the data continues in that direction.

I don’t much care for #3; it’s fairly common to use tick marks to separate time measures — in this case to separate the years — or, if you like, to mark the beginning of each time period, but I don’t care for it.  I prefer labels to correspond to tick marks, not the space between them.

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