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Jazz lists 2010

December 27, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

A Blog Supreme — an NPR jazz blog — has posted links to a bunch of Best Of 2010 lists. I’ve compiled most of these lists in a CSV file (see below). I made this by hand, typing each entry, so I expect there to be errors. I’ll probably put some time into checking and correcting, but for now, beware. I also decided to make a kind of visual summary, which I put here.

It probably won’t work for anyone using Internet Explorer, and it uses JavaScript. And by the way, the visual summary only includes those CDs which got more than one mention.

Here is the current version of the (tab-delimited) CSV file: jazzlists_edit00.csv.

I tried to include every CD mentioned, but I did not record the CD’s position in the list, even if the CD is listed under a category like “Also good” or “Recently reissued” or whatever. The only exception is when the reviewer clearly marked a section of CDs as not jazz. In that case I did not include those CDs. Otherwise I made no effort to exclude CDs that were not jazz. (So, for instance, Kanye West’s CD appears in the CSV file because he was in several reviewers’ lists next to jazz CDs.)

More info about the CSV file: Row 1 should have links to the original reviews in columns 4 through the 4th-from-last.
Row 2 should have the names of the reviewers in the same columns.

For the rest of the rows:

  • Column 1 has the label name (or is empty),
  • column 2 has CD title,
  • column 3 has the name(s) of the performer(s),
  • columns 4 through the 4th-to-last should have a 1 if the corresponding reviewer mentioned the CD, otherwise is empty,
  • 3rd-to-last column has the number of times the CD was mentioned in the lists,
  • 2nd-to-last has an iTunes link or is empty,
  • last column has an iTunes link to the explicit version of the CD — this is for only one CD; for all others this column is empty.

More info about the visual summary:

  • Each column corresponds to one reviewer, with the tags across the top giving the name.
  • Click on any reviewer’s name to go to the page the list originally appeared on.
  • Each row corresponds to one CD, with the number of mentions given on the far left, and an iTunes link (if available).
  • In the big board in the middle, a square is darkened if the reviewer in that column mentioned the CD in that row.
  • Click on a triangle next to a CD name to bring to the left all of the reviewers that mentioned that CD.
  • Click on a triangle next to a reviewer’s name to bring to the top all of the CDs that the reviewer mentioned.
  • Edit: Added the ability to highlight a row and/or column.  To highlight a row or column, click on the orange triangles on the left or top.  This might be useful for orientation if the user is scrolling in the middle of the board.
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