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Notabilia graph

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There are a couple of cool visualizations at notabilia.net (which I found through a FlowingData post). The visualizations show the flow of Wikipedia discussions.  Specifically, the discussions deal with whether particular articles should be kept (either in their present form or modified) or whether they should be deleted. The visualizations are really nice. I hadn’t ever seen a visualization quite like this, so I wanted to try to make it. A static picture of one of the originals is below.

And here is  a static image of my clone:

The full, interactive version of mine is here.  I haven’t checked yet to see if it works in Internet Explorer.  It seems to work fine in Firefox and Chrome.

I’m using the same data set as the original but not the same data subset.  Theirs shows a strand for each of the 100 longest discussions that ultimately resulted in the article being kept.  Mine shows the same but for discussions that were between 40 and 46 messages long, inclusive, and I don’t think there is any overlap between theirs and mine.

Both theirs and mine are interactive.  If you move your cursor over a strand, it is highlighted by making the strand thicker, and the title of the article under discussion is revealed.  Theirs has the title appear at the end of the strand, with text angled, it seems, to match the ending angle of the strand.  In mine, the title appears at the top.

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